Mr. Tiong Kiong King
Executive Director

Mr. Tiong Kiong King joined RHM as an Executive Director in 2011. He has over 25 years of experience in the mineral resources industry, in exploring and developing gold, molybdenum and copper projects and more than 45 years of managerial experience in the timber and palm oil industries in various capacities for private and publicly listed companies.

Mr. Tiong Chiong Ee
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Mr. Tiong Chiong Ee joined RHM as Executive Director and was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in 2010. Mr. Tiong has over 15 years’ experience in the natural resources and minerals sectors. He is in charge of managing RHM’s portfolio of mining projects and Rimbunan Hijau Group’s mining investments in Northern Asia.

Mr. Jiang Junsheng
Chief Technical Officer and Executive Director

Mr. Jiang Junsheng has over 20 years’ experience in the Chinese mining industry and joined RHM as Technical Adviser in 2011 and was later appointed as the Chief Technical Officer and an Executive Director. Prior to joining RHM, Mr. Jiang held various senior positions with Sino-Western joint venture mining projects in China. Mr. Jiang is a qualified senior engineer within the Non-Ferrous Metals industry of China and a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgists.

Mr. Garrick Mendham
Executive Director

Mr. Garrick Mendham joined RHM as Vice President – Operations and Project Development in 2012 before moving onto the RHM board in 2017. He has over 30 years’ experience in the mining industry across Australia, South-East Asia and Northern Asia in various roles and commodity groups. Prior to joining RHM, he was with a prominent Hong Kong resources investment group. Garrick holds degrees in mining engineering and applied finance, various mine manager certificates and is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgists.